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Faran Brygo is the name of one of the major characters in Wasteland.


He was a big crime boss in Las Vegas after the Nuclear Holocaust and the arch-enemy of Fat Freddy, the other crime boss in Las Vegas. If you kill him for Fat Freddy, you get an Onyx ring from his corpse.

His hideout is located in the first brown building on the asphalt road to the east of the Scorpitron boss. The password into his hideout is "KESTREL". Tell the guards outside his door that Crumb sent you.

Brygo had recruited Max and made him his right-hand man after recognising his talents. After Max went missing, he sent Ace to recruit some mercenaries to help defend Las Vegas against the machines of Base Cochise.

Wasteland 2[]

It is revealed in "Memories of My Time in the Rangers" that Brygo stayed alive after the events of Wasteland. He welcomed the Desert Ranger team that destroyed Base Cochise generously.

His daughter Marie Brygo ("Ashley Brygo" in older versions) was recruited into the Rangers in 2102 and was trained by General Vargas. Marie found her high-class life boring and left to join the Rangers.

Wasteland 3[]

Head of the Little Vegas in colorado Springs

Behind the scenes[]

  • Faran Brygo is a mixed up spelling of Brian Fargo, the project leader of Wasteland at Interplay.
  • The Wasteland 2 character Ashley Brygo's name was taken from Brian's ex-wife Ashley. However, the name was later patched out.