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This is the main map of the Wasteland world. For Wasteland 2 see: Wasteland 2 world.

North and/or West of the central river locations include:

South and/or East of the central river locations include:

Real world comparison[]

Main map-real.jpg

Using a composite of the main map and a Google map with scaled alignment of Las Vegas, Needles, and Quartz.

Las Vegas: West of the bend in the Colorado River and the Highway 93 bridge crossing.

Needles: West of the river and the Interstate 40 bridge.

Quartz: Quartzsite, East of the river and the Interstate 10 bridge.

Rail Nomad's Camp: West of Phoenix, Buckeye has multiple railroad tracks.

Guardian Citadel: South of I-10 (N of I-8) between Quartzsite and Phoenix in the mountains.

Mine Shaft: Mountains North East of Yuma.

Agricultural Center: South of I-8, perhaps "Ajo" on Highway 85.

Highpool: South of Phoenix, West of Tucson, there is a town named "Sells", also "Pisinemo Trading Post" to the North of Sells in the hills.

Ranger Center: South of Tucson east of I-19, closest prison is:

  • State Prison Arizona, 10000 South Wilmot Road, Tucson, AZ

Savage Village: East of Ensenada, near a National Park labeled Juarez.

Darwin Village: North-East of Phoenix, South of Winslow. Mountains are in a odd place to pick anything for certain.

Sleeper Base: The bridge North could be I-70, and the base would be South between "Halls Crossing" and "White Mesa"

Base Cochise: North-East of Death Valley, "Lida Junction Airstrip" at the intersection of HWY 95 & 266.


  • The Gulf of California seems to have eroded to the North.
  • The desert and mountains West of the Savage Village are in the Ocean (global warming?).
  • Phoenix must have been completely destroyed, perhaps why there is radiation West of Darwin.